Review is proudly advertising itself as one of the most affordable and highly rated essay writing services in Australia. Indeed, affordability and quality are the two most important things when it comes to the essay writing industry, so we felt like we should check whether the company truly meets these requirements.

Online Reputation of

Based on the findings of our extensive review research, we can conclude that most of the customer stories we’ve read were negative. Some of the most common issues that customers faced with were content quality issues and unreliable sources. For example, one customer wrote that the paper he received from the company had only one resource despite the fact that he requested four.

On the other hand, we were surprised to find that the average rate of the reviews displayed on was 4.9. This means that 99 percent of the reviews there were positive, which is a little bit confusing. However, having spent a few years analyzing reviews, we can claim with some confidence that may be filtering the reviews before publishing them.

Services and Guarantees

As many other essay writing companies out there, provides an extensive range of services. In fact, if you visit the Services page on their website, you’ll see a very long list of academic works; it’s worth noting that it also looks very unnatural, almost like a list of keywords compiled by a robot. For example, some of the services included “Buy Assignment Service,” which simply made no sense.

The list of guarantees includes customer satisfaction and PhD writers. Prices and Discounts

Reviewing the pricing policy of was one of the most unique experiences we’ve had because of three reasons.

First, they are willing to write 500-word assignment for free, which is a rare occasion among essay writing services. Second, they give 25 percent off the first order, which is very generous compared to many other companies. Third, their website says that the company provides “50 percent off online assignment help.” This is plain weird considering that we’ve never come across a similar claim in both Australian and international essay writing services.

As for the prices, we couldn’t find any clear information. Instead of describing the pricing policy, the company offers truly strange packages; for example, you can get the second, 1,000 word order for just $1 if you place two orders.

In our experience, a lack of clear pricing policy and such weird orders typically mean one thing: there’s a good chance that the service is unprofessional and sets the prices at will.

Quality of Services at

When we finally received the research paper from, a lot of things became clear to us. The paper was written very poorly, most likely by a non-native English speaker, and had several grammar mistakes. Two out of three resources used for the paper were low-quality as well.

Moreover, the customer service kept asking us if we would like to place the second order for just $1, but we refused that offer based on our educated guess about the quality.

To sum up, is not a quality essay writing service, so look for a reliable academic writing partner elsewhere.

Customer Service

There are multiple ways to contact customer support on phone, live chat, and email. In our experience, customer support was simply referring the questions to the writer’ moreover, they were overly enthusiastic about offering us more deals. This is not a good way to win loyal customers.

Verdict delivered a poorly written paper that was written by a non-native English speaker. If we had submitted that research paper to a professor, we would definitely get a low grade or a bunch of revisions. The best way to go about that paper was to get our money back. Not recommended.

Review Review.

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