We got a request from one of our readers for a review. She saw the “get guidance for free” on the website, and she thought she would get free tips on how to improve a paper. But she started getting one spam message after another, and the unsubscribe link didn’t work.

We immediately saw the red alert. We went through a few reviews online, and we realized that many other Australian students faced the same issue. This is called phishing, and it’s a serious problem.

But we didn’t stop there. We wanted to see how worked, so we decided to evaluate the service.

Online Reputation of

There are several negative Essay Assignment Help reviews on SiteJabber. We immediately understood why. The website does not feature clear information. The students are tricked to leave their email, and then they are stuck with spam and they cannot unsubscribe.

Those who decide to order a paper are really unhappy with the results they get. One of the reviewers said they paid for Premium quality, but they got a low-quality assignment full of grammar errors.

We have to mention that there are positive EssayAssignmentHelp reviews as well.

Services and Guarantees

This company claims to give you guidance for free. “You can now enjoy free assistance for your essay assignment help from our essay helpers.” That’s what they say. That’s what you DON’T get! No professional writer will waste their time to help a student for free. They earned their degrees, and now they want to earn a living. They do want to help, but they don’t have time to do unpaid work.

If you provide your email, you’ll start getting spam. We want to clarify something in our Essay Assignment Help review: no one will write your paper for free.

If you want to place an order, you can get an essay, law assignment, marketing assignment, and even  a dissertation. Well at least you can order it. The list of services is a complete mess. You’ll have to contact the support to see if they can deliver the particular type of paper you need. That brings us back to the point that you’ll start getting spam.

Prices and Discounts

The starting price is $9.8. With the discount of 20%, it drops to $7.8 per page. But there’s a trick: it’s the approximate price; not the one you pay. If you adjust the deadline in the chart to one day, you see an approximate price of $12.8 (discount included). When we ordered an essay for the needs of this EssayAssignmentHelp review, we got a message saying that it would cost $17 per page for a deadline of 7 days. That’s still very affordable, so we agreed to the price and submitted the order.

But you should know that there are hidden costs with this service. If you don’t like the paper, they will charge for the revisions.

The discount of 20% is great, but it doesn’t really matter when the quality is not good.

Quality of Services

We were surprised to see the claim that this service worked with PhD experts. We saw one bad review after another, so we thought the level of professionalism was lower. But we never stop at the website’s claims. We dig deeper. We ordered an essay with a deadline of 7 days. You cannot choose the quality on this site.

The only good thing was that the paper was ready on time. We always do our best to find the advantages of an agency before we start talking about its negatives. But in this case, it was really hard to focus on the positives. Besides the nice web design and the timely delivery, there is nothing more to say.

As for the negatives, let’s start with the fact that this was a high-school essay with no form and no arguments at all. The writer did not know what an essay structure was. When we asked for revisions, the agent said we would have to pay for them. When we asked how much, they gave us an identical price with the one we already paid for the essay.

Customer Service

Essay Assignment Help has a customer support system that works only before you pay them money. When we faced a problem with the delivered paper, they did not want to assist. The agent was quite rude, she didn’t want to hear the complaints, and she asked us to place a new order for revisions.

Conclusion for Our

EssayAssignmentHelp is not a good writing service. The site says that PhD writers complete the tasks, but that’s not true at all. Our paper looked like it was written by a high-school student who didn’t know what an essay was.

Yes; the prices are affordable. But considering the quality we got, it was a full-on robbery.

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Mary R.

don't use

I hired them because of the cheap price. It’s not a safe service. I started getting messages from newsletters I never subscribed to. I guess they sell the lists of contacts or something. The paper was a disaster.

4 years ago

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