We got a request from one of our readers for a review. She saw the “get guidance for free” on the website, and she thought she would get free tips on how to improve a paper. But she started getting one spam message after another, and the unsubscribe link didn’t work.

We immediately saw the red alert. We went through a few reviews online, and we realized that many other Australian students faced the same issue. This is called phishing, and it’s a serious problem.

But we didn’t stop there. We wanted to see how worked, so we decided to evaluate the service.

Online Reputation of

There are several negative Essay Assignment Help reviews on SiteJabber. We immediately understood why. The website does not feature clear information. The students are tricked to leave their email, and then they are stuck with spam and they cannot unsubscribe.

Those who decide to order a paper are really unhappy with the results they get. One of the reviewers said they paid for Premium quality, but they got a low-quality assignment full of grammar errors.

We have to mention that there are positive EssayAssignmentHelp reviews as well.

Services and Guarantees

This company claims to give you guidance for free. “You can now enjoy free assistance for your essay assignment help from our essay helpers.” That’s what they say. That’s what you DON’T get! No professional writer will waste their time to help a student for free. They earned their degrees, and now they want to earn a living. They do want to help, but they don’t have time to do unpaid work.

If you provide your email, you’ll start getting spam. We want to clarify something in our Essay Assignment Help review: no one will write your paper for free.

If you want to place an order, you can get an essay, law assignment, marketing assignment, and even  a dissertation. Well at least you can order it. The list of services is a complete mess. You’ll have to contact the support to see if they can deliver the particular type of paper you need. That brings us back to the point that you’ll start getting spam.

Prices and Discounts

The starting price is $9.8. With the discount of 20%, it drops to $7.8 per page. But there’s a trick: it’s the approximate price; not the one you pay. If you adjust the deadline in the chart to one day, you see an approximate price of $12.8 (discount included). When we ordered an essay for the needs of this EssayAssignmentHelp review, we got a message saying that it would cost $17 per page for a deadline of 7 days. That’s still very affordable, so we agreed to the price and submitted the order.

But you should know that there are hidden costs with this service. If you don’t like the paper, they will charge for the revisions.

The discount of 20% is great, but it doesn’t really matter when the quality is not good.

Quality of Services

We were surprised to see the claim that this service worked with PhD experts. We saw one bad review after another, so we thought the level of professionalism was lower. But we never stop at the website’s claims. We dig deeper. We ordered an essay with a deadline of 7 days. You cannot choose the quality on this site.

The only good thing was that the paper was ready on time. We always do our best to find the advantages of an agency before we start talking about its negatives. But in this case, it was really hard to focus on the positives. Besides the nice web design and the timely delivery, there is nothing more to say.

As for the negatives, let’s start with the fact that this was a high-school essay with no form and no arguments at all. The writer did not know what an essay structure was. When we asked for revisions, the agent said we would have to pay for them. When we asked how much, they gave us an identical price with the one we already paid for the essay.

Customer Service

Essay Assignment Help has a customer support system that works only before you pay them money. When we faced a problem with the delivered paper, they did not want to assist. The agent was quite rude, she didn’t want to hear the complaints, and she asked us to place a new order for revisions.

Conclusion for Our

EssayAssignmentHelp is not a good writing service. The site says that PhD writers complete the tasks, but that’s not true at all. Our paper looked like it was written by a high-school student who didn’t know what an essay was.

Yes; the prices are affordable. But considering the quality we got, it was a full-on robbery. Review

The major appeal of Thanks For The Help is clear: it connects you with seniors from some of the best Australian universities. You can ask any question you want, completely free of charge… or at least that’s what the website says. In reality, the service is shady.

The service is also supposed to help with accommodation, but that’s just a claim that’s been sitting there for months with the “Coming Soon” sign.

In essence, it’s an assignment writing service that overcharges for low quality. Don’t be tricked: there are no seniors from Aussie universities ready to answer your questions for free. Just customer service representatives, who are trying to convince you to buy an expensive paper.

We have more details in our ThanksForTheHelp review. They will help you decide if this is the right agency for your paper.

ThanksForTheHelp Reviews From The Users

The ThanksForTheHelp reviews on SiteJabber and TrustPilot are not good at all. One of the users says that these are fake people sitting behind their computers and making fake promises until you pay. When you pay, they deliver random paper that’s not even related to your requirements.

This user’s experience completely described what happened with our order.

There are only a few good reviews of TFTH, but they are unnoticeable when you see how many students blame the company for ruining their grades.

Services and Guarantees

When we first landed on the website, it was hard for us to understand what this service was. At first, it looked like a great platform that connected students and applicants with seniors, whose experience and knowledge could help them overcome lifestyle and studying issues. Yeah; that doesn’t happen here.

The biggest complaint in our review is that the service makes promises that it does not deliver.

The actual list of services is pretty narrow: you can order an essay or an assignment in various areas of study.

Don’t search for guarantees on this site. There are too many claims and too much text, but none of it makes sense. They mention top quality, 99.8% adherence to deadlines, 24/7 support, and 100% plagiarism free results. Through our experience, we found issues with all these promises. Did you notice that revisions are not even mentioned?

Amendments are mentioned in the terms and conditions, but not in the sense we expected. They reserve the right to amend their terms and conditions without serving notice to the customers. This means that they can change their policies after you place an order, they will not notify you, and the terms that you saw when ordering the paper are no longer valid. Weird.

Prices and Discounts

ThanksForTheHelp does not disclose its prices.

They tell you that you get $25 free in your account on the first order. What does that mean? No one knows. Plus, you’ll get 10% cashback on your following orders.

We asked the representative to give us a price, and she literally tortured us with all kinds of questions before finally giving us the price of $120 for a 3-page essay with a deadline of 7 days. That’s $40 per page, and it’s a lot.

Quality of Services

Most reviews that we saw warned about the service being a scam. We’re sorry to say that our experience with its team provided that.

There were several issues with the order:

  • It came 6 hours later than the deadline
  • The content was entirely plagiarized
  • We asked for revisions and the customer service agent didn’t bother responding
  • We paid an expensive price for a totally useless paper

The writers from ThanksForTheHelp are not experts. They do not pay attention to your instructions. Our writer didn’t even read the topic we assigned. She chose a random topic to her liking, and rewrote a sample that we immediately found online. It was a free sample provided by another writing service. This writer just paraphrased it.

Customer Service

Officially, has the worst customer support system in the industry. It’s completely fake! Their approach is to make you believe their false claims, which do not correspond to the reality.

Don’t believe their claims that these are senior students from universities. They are random employees, whose only goal is to convince the visitors to pay money for papers that do not have any value.

Conclusion for

We’ve tried many other services so far. We thought we’ve seen everything, but TFTH still managed to surprise us in a negative way.

To conclude this Thanks For The Help review, we’ll just say that the company did not meet the expectations we had. They charged too much for a paper that didn’t work. They did not provide revisions. Revisions aren’t even mentioned in their terms and conditions. The customer service representatives are aggressive before you place an order, but nowhere to be found when you really need them. Review

When you’re looking for a specialized Aussie writing service, you might come across The website offers various types of services, with prices above the industry standard. The quality, however, is not satisfactory. Review Online

The website is nicely designed. It gives you a lot of information. The best part is that it features profiles of the writers, so you can get informed on the experience of the writer completing your paper. But there’s bad news: these writers complete content across all niches. You’re not hiring an expert with precise knowledge here. It’s just a freelance writer, who conducts research and paraphrases content. That’s the most negative aspect in most AustralianHelp reviews that we found online.

Services and Guarantees

It’s refreshing to see a wide range of services. It seems like Australian Help researched the market and knows what the students in this country need. All types of academic content are available across multiple niches: social sciences, environmental science, psychology, communications and media, healthcare, journalism, public relations, literature, and more.

However, the list also includes paraphrasing services. That’s not necessarily bad. The bad thing is when you order an original paper and you get a paraphrased one instead. Unfortunately, reviews by real users often include that complaint.

Australian Help Prices and Discounts

The prices are very clear and that’s great. All you need to do is access the Pricing section and you’ll see how much your paper costs. The quotes for academic writing are set between $18.74 and $74.99 per page (AUD is the default currency at the site). That’s expensive… very! But it’s a good thing that you can choose a deadline of 3 hours. So if you want a really urgent paper and you’re ready to pay a lot, this may seem like a good option.

The discount for first orders is 18%. That’s great, since it significantly reduces the final price. There’s a loyalty discount program, too. It gives you reductions from 5% to 15%.

Quality of Services at AustralianHelp

I wanted to base this review not only on research, but on personal experience as well. So I ordered an essay and I got disappointing results. I saw the profile of my writer and guess what: his orders were all over the place. They had a rating of 3.75, which is not impressive. Under skills, they listed all possible subject areas: literature, mathematics, advertising, education, art, philosophy, agriculture, business, and whatnot. I thought: this is either a superhuman or someone who randomly listed niches of expertise.

I set a deadline of 5 days and the writer was 12 hours late. So I paid for an order of 5 days, but got it in 6 days. No; I didn’t get a refund even though I requested it several times. I also requested revisions because the quality of the paper was ridiculous. Didn’t get them, either.

Customer Service

The online chat feature is great, but you have to leave your email to access it. This is inconvenient for students who still haven’t ordered a paper and have a simple question to ask. Once they provide their email, the spamming messages start.

The biggest problem with the customer support is that they don’t bother solving any issues with the orders. I complained about the late delivery and low quality, but they didn’t suggest any solutions.

Verdict For Review

To wrap up this Australian Help review, I have to say that the price is way too expensive and the quality is not satisfactory. Missed deadlines are a huge issue, since students need their papers to be ready by the submission deadline. In this case, the service refused to provide a refund and I didn’t even get the revisions I deserved. Review

Elite Assignment Help is an academic writing service that specifically targets Australian students. Nevertheless, the service doesn’t give you a guarantee that your paper is completed by an Aussie writer. The writing team is international, which means that non-native English speakers tackle the orders.

Online Reputation of

There are not many EliteAssignmentHelp reviews available online. Not many students seem to be ordering papers at this site. The few reviews we found were mixed. The students were happy to some extent, but they complained about the high prices and lack of uniqueness in the papers. In addition, they had trouble getting revisions at this website. As for the website, it’s pretty easy to use and it contains enough information for the buyer. You know how it works and you know the price before placing the order.

Services and Guarantees

There’s a great list of services at this website. In fact, the variety is one of the best aspects of our review. You can order any type of academic paper, such as a research paper, essay (any type), lab report, article review, and more. The writers also complete math/physics/economics/statistics projects and all homework assignments. Copywriting help is also available, but this is a service mostly aimed at website owners.

University applicants can get their admission papers, and job applicants can get their resumes or CVs here. The writers complete editing and “proof reading” tasks, too. Finally, they offer rewriting help, which means you order a paper and get unoriginal, paraphrased content. It may pass plagiarism detection engines, but a teacher may still recognize its sources and give a negative mark to that paper.

Elite Assignment Help Prices and Discounts

The prices are questionable, to say the least. They are relatively high even if we’re talking about the finest quality. After completing the research for our Elite Assignment Help review, we realized that the quality wasn’t even that high.

The deadline options start from 14 days and range up to 6 hours. You can choose from these quality levels: High School, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Master’s, and Doctoral. The quotes per page are set from $18.62 to $68.81 per page. The default pricing is set to Australian dollars.

The only good thing about the pricing is that you get 25% off the first time you order a paper here.

Quality of Services at EliteAssignmentHelp

The mere fact that they spelled proofreading wrong at the website should tell you something. These are not professional writers or editors. They are just freelancers with average writing skills. Most of the work they complete is based on freewriting and you have to be very lucky to get high quality here.

But to give you a detailed and relevant review, I ordered a paper here. I asked for an essay from the area of history, and I saw the ID of the writer who was assigned to it. You can’t see any information on the writers’ profiles, except for the types of projects they’ve completed so far. My writer had worked on management, healthcare, psychology English, literature, and nursing assignments. No; versatility is not good in this case. It just shows that the writers are not experts. My essay was rewritten from a single Wikipedia page, although I asked for original content.

Customer Service

The customer support doesn’t bother with requirements for revisions. Although the site guarantees free revisions, there’s really no such thing at this website. There’s a live chat feature at the site, but I tried several times and no agent wanted to help me get the revisions.

Verdict For Elite Assignmnet Help Review

There’s nothing elite about EliteAssignmnetHelp. It’s one of those below-average services that promise great things, but don’t meet a student’s expectations. Review is an Australian-based writing service that delivers different types of content for students. The website is heavy on the content, so potential customers don’t bother reading anything at all. That’s how they miss out on important details. But don’t worry; we’ll cover them in this BigAssignments review.

Big Assignments Reviews Fron The Users

Most reviewers complain about the design of the website. It’s confusing. There’s too much content, but not enough clarity about the company’s policies. Also, the prices are very expensive. For these prices, you’d expect to see extreme quality. The sad thing about the majority of Big Assignments reviews available online is the disappointing quality the customers got.

Services and Guarantees

All services for students are covered. They can get an essay, book review, research paper, case study, and any other type of academic content. Math, science, and statistics homework assignments are also available here. It’s good to see that the company also offers copywriting services. Bloggers and website owners can use them when they need content for their sites. Resume and CV services are also available, so job applicants can get their documents ready. Rewriting is the negative thing in the list of services. You never want to order a rewritten paper, since you’re not getting original content.

As for the guarantees, the company guarantees safe payment, timely delivery, free revisions, and plagarism-free content. You don’t get a guarantee for a writer with an MA or PhD degree in the selected niche.

BigAssignments Prices and Discounts

Oh; this is the tricky part. Big Assignments sets expensive prices for its services. If you want an essay of High School level, you’ll pay between $18.62 and $51.60 per page (those are Australian dollars). There are other quality levels, moving up to Doctoral, which costs from $31.53 to $68.81 per page. The deadlines range from 14 days to 6 hours, which is not as good as the range from 10 days to 3 hours that we usually see on competitive sites.

But there are discounts and that’s cool. For students placing their first order, a discount of 22% is available. It’s a good thing that loyal users also benefit from discounts (5% – 15%).

Quality of Services at BigAssignments

In most reviews, you’ll see a complaint about the quality. It’s not that the papers aren’t good. It’s just that for a price this high, students expect much more. The company allegedly guarantees legit writers with correct qualifications completing the assignments. However, in all that content at the website, there’s no mention about the type of qualifications they are talking about. Most students get paired with freelance writers, who have no previous experience on the matter. When you access a writer’s profile, you’ll notice they complete orders from all areas of study. From statistics to environmental science, it seems that a single writer is being assigned to all kinds of orders. That approach doesn’t work when students are after relevant content.

Customer Service

The customer support system works 24/7. Although you have to leave your email to access the live chat, it’s refreshing to see that the agents are available when you need them. Phone number and email address are also provided as contact options.

Verdict For BidAssignments Review

Yes; you can get free revisions if you don’t like the content you get here. However, given the fact that these are not expert writers, you can’t expect high-level papers after the revisions. Tp summarize our review, we’d say the service is okay for high-school essays and simple assignments for university. But you still have to pay more. And if you need content of extra quality, this is not the right place for you. Review

We read mixed Assignment Geek reviews before and wondered if this writing service is worth attention. They call themselves “the best essay writing service,” which is a bold claim considering that we’ve found at least 50 negative customer reviews describing missed deadlines and poorly written papers.

So, we’ve just finished analyzing the essay they wrote, which means that we’re ready to share our findings! Read further our Assignment Geek review to know whether you can trust them with your academic needs. Reviews From The Users

As it was mentioned, we’ve found quite a lot of Assignment Geek reviews but many of them were negative.

Many customers claimed that the company’s writers were unable to meet deadlines as long as 3 days and asked for an extension. One customer’s account also described that Turnitin found that the paper she received from contained 20 percent of the unoriginal text.

Content quality was the main problem that most of the negative reviews mentioned, thus suggesting that may not employ qualified writers to complete all orders.

Services and Guarantees

The list of services provided by includes coursework, essays, research papers, case studies, assignments, book reviews, dissertations, movie reviews, and term papers. In addition, the company also does proofreading and editing.

The guarantees offered by Assignment Geek were originality of content, superb quality, a lot of free features (formatting, title page, etc.), timely delivery, confidentiality, 24/7 customer service, and customer satisfaction. Pricing Review

We found the prices at to be higher than the industry average. For example, the lowest price that you’ll pay for one page of standard quality (this is the lowest service level) is A$28.56 with a 10-day deadline.

The prices for Platinum and Premium service levels are higher. For example, to get one page of Platinum level quality page written within 48 hours, you’ll have to pay A$48.56.

Assignment Geek Promo Code And Discounts

There’s a discount program, too, but it doesn’t apply to orders under $44.17. The first-time customer discount is quite low: only 15 percent. Also, we found that to get your paper proofread by an editor, you’ll also have to pay $6.62, or request a free proofread.

Quality of Services at Assignment Geek

To test the quality of services provided by, we ordered an essay on the legacy of the American nation in Walt Whitman’s poetry. The work was delivered within the deadline, which was good, but the quality could have been a lot better. We specifically instructed the writer to complete a series of steps to ensure that the assignment covers three specific main ideas, but he’s chosen to follow a slightly different paper structure for some reason.

We think that the writer simply failed to locate evidence for the analysis. However, that evidence wasn’t hard to find; in fact, anyone who studied poetry should easily find this information. As a result, the quality of the analysis of the topic turned out to be quite poor, so that essay wouldn’t get an A.

Customer Service

In our experience, customer service was quite slow to answer our email requests, which is unprofessional considering that we’ve placed an order and required some updates.

Verdict For Assignment Geek Review

Summarizing all reviews, we cannot recommend this essay writing company because of the poor quality of the paper that was delivered. The company clearly needs to hire better writers and improve their customer service to ensure quality academic assistance. Review is proudly advertising itself as one of the most affordable and highly rated essay writing services in Australia. Indeed, affordability and quality are the two most important things when it comes to the essay writing industry, so we felt like we should check whether the company truly meets these requirements.

Online Reputation of

Based on the findings of our extensive review research, we can conclude that most of the customer stories we’ve read were negative. Some of the most common issues that customers faced with were content quality issues and unreliable sources. For example, one customer wrote that the paper he received from the company had only one resource despite the fact that he requested four.

On the other hand, we were surprised to find that the average rate of the reviews displayed on was 4.9. This means that 99 percent of the reviews there were positive, which is a little bit confusing. However, having spent a few years analyzing reviews, we can claim with some confidence that may be filtering the reviews before publishing them.

Services and Guarantees

As many other essay writing companies out there, provides an extensive range of services. In fact, if you visit the Services page on their website, you’ll see a very long list of academic works; it’s worth noting that it also looks very unnatural, almost like a list of keywords compiled by a robot. For example, some of the services included “Buy Assignment Service,” which simply made no sense.

The list of guarantees includes customer satisfaction and PhD writers. Prices and Discounts

Reviewing the pricing policy of was one of the most unique experiences we’ve had because of three reasons.

First, they are willing to write 500-word assignment for free, which is a rare occasion among essay writing services. Second, they give 25 percent off the first order, which is very generous compared to many other companies. Third, their website says that the company provides “50 percent off online assignment help.” This is plain weird considering that we’ve never come across a similar claim in both Australian and international essay writing services.

As for the prices, we couldn’t find any clear information. Instead of describing the pricing policy, the company offers truly strange packages; for example, you can get the second, 1,000 word order for just $1 if you place two orders.

In our experience, a lack of clear pricing policy and such weird orders typically mean one thing: there’s a good chance that the service is unprofessional and sets the prices at will.

Quality of Services at

When we finally received the research paper from, a lot of things became clear to us. The paper was written very poorly, most likely by a non-native English speaker, and had several grammar mistakes. Two out of three resources used for the paper were low-quality as well.

Moreover, the customer service kept asking us if we would like to place the second order for just $1, but we refused that offer based on our educated guess about the quality.

To sum up, is not a quality essay writing service, so look for a reliable academic writing partner elsewhere.

Customer Service

There are multiple ways to contact customer support on phone, live chat, and email. In our experience, customer support was simply referring the questions to the writer’ moreover, they were overly enthusiastic about offering us more deals. This is not a good way to win loyal customers.

Verdict delivered a poorly written paper that was written by a non-native English speaker. If we had submitted that research paper to a professor, we would definitely get a low grade or a bunch of revisions. The best way to go about that paper was to get our money back. Not recommended. Review is another Australian writing service that captured our attention because the company makes promises that we’ve never encountered on any other essay writing service website.

For example, according to, they try to match student customers with writers who studied at the same university, e.g. “Melbournian writers are assigned tasks of University of Melbourne.”

So, we have tested that, but the results were quite disappointing. Read below to know more.

Online Reputation of

The results of our research on the online reputation of were some of the most bizarre that we’ve ever found. For example, we found one website where most of customers reviews were extremely positive while another website had lots of average and negative reviews. Many of these reviews said that the company employs poor writers, and some even claimed that the writers may not be Australian.

On top of that, we’ve noticed that an overwhelming majority of the customers were from non-Australian universities (in fact, they were mostly from non-native English speaking countries). By the end of our research, we finally managed to find only one review by an Australian-based international student.

These strange findings suggest that may employ non-Australian writers, so we decided to test just that with a complex paper.

Services and Guarantees provides a typical range of services, including the most common academic writing works – essays, research papers, homework, case studies, dissertations, and term papers. We’ve used to finding that essay writing services also do resume writing, copywriting, and editing, but no such services were discovered at the website.

However, we’ve managed to find customer satisfaction guarantee as well as payment protection guarantee. Prices and Discounts

Surprisingly, has no clear pricing policy. For example, the visitors won’t find any information on their prices anywhere on the site! We had to message the customer support for some information, and they responded by saying that the prices start at 29.95 USD per page, which is not very affordable because it translates into 44.19 AUD!

When we were submitting the details for our paper, the website also didn’t provide any information on pricing. Also, it’s worth noting that some of the text on the pop-up windows that appear during the registration was clearly written by a non-native English speaker; in our opinion, they sounded plain strange, almost like orders given to someone of a lower military rank.

Naturally, no information about discounts was discovered as well.

Quality of Services at

As we’ve mentioned before, we wanted to test if really assigned students from the same universities for orders. This was really hard to do because we had to submit the details of the order and wait about 30 minutes for a response from customer support.

We told them that we studied Astrobiology at the University of Newcastle, which is a course with a code name SCIE2019, and ordered a paper on the habitability of extrasolar planets. However, they said that the writer was already assigned, so they needed to complete the re-assignment, almost blaming us for not including this in the order details. After an hour of silence, they said that they a writer who graduated from the University of Newcastle was available.

Even though they’ve managed to find a good writer for us – or so we thought – the quality of paper was quite low. The person who completed the paper clearly knew nothing about astrobiology and couldn’t even provide the logical flow of information. Simply said, the thesis claimed that humanity knows nothing about the habitability of extrasolar planets, which was simply untrue because there were hundreds of papers published on that topic just within the last three years.

It appeared that the writer was simply unqualified or lazy to do the research, so the quality of the paper was extremely low in terms of credibility.

Customer Service

The customer service at was slow; after placing the order, we had to wait almost an hour to get a response via email.


Unfortunately, we can’t recommend using for academic writing needs based on our experience. We’ve encountered a lot of issues, with a poorly written paper playing the deciding role. Review

assignmenthelper review

Featuring a trendy website and various inviting features, looks like the perfect place to look for help with your assignments. However, knowing that appearance can often be misleading in the writing industry, we decided not to make any conclusions without checking the company’s features first.

Read on this Assignment Helper review to learn what we found out about this company.

Assignmenthelper Reviews From The Users

The first step of evaluating a writing service is checking their online reputation. What others have to say about a company can serve as a guide in picking your content provider. In this case, most of the Assignment Helper reviews we found online was positive, saying that this writing service is a legit, quality writing service.

Services and Guarantees

The range of services offered here is wide, and so is the list of guarantees. Basically, students can order any paper for any academic level here. Add the variety of deadlines to this combination, and you get the perfect choice for a regular content provider. That is, of course, as long as their pricing is affordable.

There isn’t really a Guarantee page on the website, but you can find all the information you need in the quality content published on the Home Page. You will see here that the company offers full privacy of personal information, quality guarantee, as well as affordable price guarantee. Seeing that students are the target audience of such companies, pricing is one of the biggest factors in choosing a writing service.

Assignment Helper Pricing Review

With a starting price of A$25.99 per page for a deadline of only 10 days, this is an affordable service. In addition to the deadline options, students get the opportunity to pick a quality of content and fortunately, the prices between the three quality options are not big.

Assignment Helper Discount Code and Promo

In addition to the solid pricing, the company offers a variety of discounts for both new and returning customer. As a new customer of the service, you can order your first paper with 20% discount, which is one of the biggest first-order discount we have seen.

Regular customers can accumulate orders and reach a lifetime discount offer of 5% to 15%.

Quality of Services

This review would be incomplete without an evaluation of the paper quality. To check this, we ordered an essay from the service and waited for the delivered content.

The results were positive and fit the feedback we found online – is really a quality writing service, which is confirmed by the flawless essay we got within the deadline.

Customer Service

Reaching the service is very easy. We prefer the live chat option because it is cheaper and easy to use, and the agents here are very pleasant to speak to. Our agent, Lisa, responded to all our questions rapidly and professionally.

Conclusion for Assignment Helper Review

Summarizing all Assignment Helper reviews, you are looking at a high-quality service that offers it all. There is rarely a company that offers the whole package, but this is one of the few who have it all. Based on our evaluation and experience with, we highly recommend this service for your academic assignments.

au edubirdie review Review

Once you open the website of, you will find a cute bird animations and some interesting website design. In addition to this, you will see all positive feedback, without a single complaint. Most companies post only the good feedback or use their own written feedback to trick you into purchasing papers from them, but you should never base your decision on this. Several other features should guide you to the right choice.

Online Reputation of

When compared to feedback outside the website, the comments we found on the homepage definitely look fake. Why? Because this company’s online reputation is mainly bad. Many customers speak of missed deadlines. The most concerning part is, almost every comment online mentions flaws in terms of content.

Services and Guarantees

The list of services at is limited, but you do have the option ‘other’. This means that the company offers all the papers you need, and if you cannot find your order in the list, all you have to do is select this option.

Once we saw how the company works, we understood why this was the case. The company has many freelancers on board, bidding on orders from visitors. Therefore, once you add all details about your paper, you must wait for bids and pick your own writer.

This comes with more disadvantages than advantages. Firstly, there is no guarantee that the writer you choose will be a good fit for you. Secondly, you cannot know the price of your paper until you choose the writer. And finally, this process is too time-consuming, especially for those struggling with tight deadlines.

Prices and Discounts

As we said, there is no set pricing for papers at this company. This can be a struggle since you actually have to go through the entire ordering, bidding and choosing process before you know the quote. If you do not like the offers you will get, you will have spent some valuable time on nothing.

You probably assumed that there are no discounts here. Since the company has no set prices, they cannot offer discounts. Still, you are the one choosing your price, so you can choose a cheaper option if you prefer.

Quality of Services

Ordering from the company was really time-consuming, since we took our time picking the writer that was most suitable. However, we were still not happy with the quality of content, since our writer was obviously not a native English speaker.

Customer Service

The customer service is the worst part of it all. They are available at all times, but do not provide you with any guarantees whatsoever, not even a money-back policy. This makes the entire purpose of a customer service lost.


Overall, seems like an inviting writing service where you can pick the price you are ready to pay. However, this also means that you have to make the decision for your writer, take over the responsibility if you make a bad choice and therefore, you can never be sure that you will get a quality paper. For this reason, we do not recommend this company.