Review is popular among Australian students, which is logically strange because of fact that the website has a lot of grammatical errors. We think that the company should have invested more on the website has poor design and content. The company is popular because of the fact that most of their writers’ specialty is doing any type of homework. They are the ones on which you can trust for your homework and other simple outputs, but if you want them to do your dissertations or theses then try to reconsider other companies who are more expensive and of better quality.

Online Reputation of Australian Essay

Well, this company has a fairly designed website. It doesn’t have that wow factor for a website but it would still be on the average classification but it still is user friendly which is a plus factor for the company.

Services and Guarantees at

The company offers a wide range of selection of services. These are then classified into assignment services, essay services and subjective essays. Classified under the assignment services were assignment writing and nursing assignments. Classified under essay services were essays, research papers, term papers, and dissertations. Under the subjective essays where essays about accounting, business, economics, English, finance, management, marketing, law, psychology, statistics and more others.

Prices and Discounts

The price is based on the type of paper, number of pages, quality level and urgency. Moreover, there are only two types of quality level, standard and premium. Here are some examples of prices: essays with standard quality would cost around $12.99 per page with a deadline of 10 days, $16.99 per page for a 5 day deadline, $18.99 per page for a 3 day deadline, $20.99 per page for 48 hour deadline and finally, $24.98 per page for 24 hour deadline. Meanwhile just add 2$ to every set of prices and that would be the price for premium quality.

Then again, the only discount they offer is a 15% discount on all orders which is quite unfortunate because no other discounts are revealed in their website.

Quality of Services

The quality of service they provide is mediocre, the prices are reasonable and the finished outputs are of good quality. Then again, pay for the more expensive choice and you could be assured that the output they would give you would be of high quality because the more you pay, the better they would work on your order.

Customer Service

Meanwhile, has an effective customer service. The company could be reached via phone, email or live chat! You can also use the form on the Contacts page to raise your issues with customer support, but nevertheless you could always tell them your queries during your live chat and they will happily assist you no matter what your topic may be.


In general, would really be of great help while being affordable for everyone! This company also looks like it is the jack of all trades but please do mind that the quality they offer is highly subjective. Meaning that most of the time, the output they provide matters with the price of your order, that would mean that if your order has the most expensive preferences then you could be assured that the output that you would be receiving would be of high quality.

Review Review.

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