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The first thing that catches the eye when you open’s website is the cute kangaroo on the homepage. Followed by what seems to be a lengthy piece of content, this company makes numerous promises to visitors who are looking for someone to help them with their papers. Whether these promises are true or not, you are about to find out.

Online Reputation of

Unfortunately, has a very bad reputation online. If you look into feedback from their customers, you will learn that there are many complaints regarding paper authenticity and quality, as well as several for missed deadlines. Such amount of bad feedback is very concerning.

Services and Guarantees

Services here are separated into 9 main categories and yet, the list lacks the majority of assigned papers students need. For example, the ‘academic writing’ section includes only 16 types of academic papers, which makes for a limited list of academic writing services.

Still, you can find all commonly assigned papers here, which would make for a good bargain as long as the company offers good prices and quality papers. As for guarantees, there is no guarantee page or any detailed information to be found on the website, which is a huge disadvantage for a writing service. This basically means that if you do not like your paper, you cannot really get your money back, or even be sure that you will get a free revision!

Prices and Discounts

The starting price for academic writing is $12.99 per page, which is an affordable rate when compared to others on the writing market. This price grows as the deadline progresses, and interestingly, it barely changes when you choose your academic level. How does a service charge the same price for college, MBA and law students?

As for discounts, has the common loyalty program that ranges from 5% to 15%. The lack of first-order discount is a bit of a disadvantage, since many companies offer reduced prices in order to entice students into trying out their service.

Quality of Services

The next step of our evaluation is the quality check. In order to check the quality of content this company offers, we ordered a research paper.

Unfortunately, our experience only confirmed what we feared – the company is one of those services who trick students into purchasing stolen content with their cheap prices. Even though you will pay a low rate for your paper here, expect to get plagiarized, below average content.

Customer Service

Except for the live chat agents, the customer service is basically unreachable. We finally got in touch with their agents after three attempts on the live chat and seven calls on the phone number. The agent on the live chat was professional, but the answers to our questions looked automatic.


In conclusion, is a legit company, but not a good choice for your papers. Why? This is a company that has low pricing, but also low quality service. In combination with the bad customer service and limited list of services, this makes for a bad choice of a content provider. Review Review is an online writing service provider that boasts the quality, the originality and the punctuality they deliver to the clients. The company specializes in custom based essay-writing that ensures the best value for each request, thus every article would be 100% original. Moreover, has been established on the year 1997, giving them an advantage over all others because of their experience, making the value for the customer’s money really worth it.

Read our fresh Aussie Writer review to know all details.

Aussie Writer Reviews From The Users

AussieWriter’s website is compact in its design and is also user-friendly. The blending of the colours found in the website is pleasing to the eye because it offers a more relaxed hue of approach. Customers can easily browse the company’s website with ease and customers can easily access the live chat button making it a favourable for the client.

Services and Guarantees at

When we started this review we were quite impressed, why? Purchasers can order all types of papers, may it be academic assignments, personal ones and whatnot. The company also provides essays of which of the topics are of in the narrative kind, descriptive kind, comparison and contrast kind, admission kind, argumentative kind and all other types of essays out there. Not only that that, this company also provides coursework, case studies, research papers, term papers, dissertations, theses, scholarship essays, personal statements, lab reports, and so much more, the list goes on but go and find out for yourself because it’s almost everything that you’re ever going to wish for!

Aussie Writer Pricing Review

Well, the prices rests on the type of paper, number of pages, quality level and subject area. There are three types of quality level, these are the standard, the premium and the platinum. Example, for a standard quality essay with a 10-day period to pass the article, the price is $17.49 while the premium costs $19.59 and whereas the platinum costs $22.39 per page. The rate goes higher if you want it done earlier. If you want to avoid paying a lot of money, then consider ordering in advance. Promo Code And Discounts

Of course, this company also provides discounts, for instance, as soon as you order your first article, you would receive a 18% discount on that purchase. As soon as you exceed 14 pages, you’ll become a member and you’ll receive a 5% discount on every purchase for a lifetime. When it exceeds 50, you’ll get 10% and when you’ll exceed 101 pages you’re going to receive 15% discount.

Quality of Services

To check the quality of the services provided by this writing service, we ordered a three-page persuasive essay on global warming for this Aussie Writer review. We were highly impressed with the result. The writer followed all instructions we provided, used quality sources, and created a working persuasive thesis. The result clearly exceeded our expectations, so we can claim that is a reliable and quality essay writing service based on the paper they provided.

Customer Service absolutely understands that a great company needs an excellent customer service system. And surely this company provides 24/7 support to its clients. They boast 24/7 live chat, Skype calls, US toll free numbers, UK and AU numbers. Anytime of the day, you could surely ask them your queries.

Conclusion For Review

Summarizing all Aussie Writer reviews, we can say that if you want a paper to be finished on time, cost-effective and high quality every single time, then go for and surely you would not be dissatisfied! The company’s number one priority is to meet all the conditions that clients would need and also submitting the article on time always. Review

aussiessay review, an essay writing service based in Australia was created by people driven to provide people with an avenue of which they could hire professional writers to do their writing for them. This company delivers the best quality of work, because ensures that the professional writers would really make a product of utmost quality.

Continue reading this Aussie Essay review to know all deatils.

AussiEssay Reviews From The Users has a modern design on their website and this is enough proof to prove that this company is not a Rip-off Company that only rips of their customers and it’s safe to say that is a company of honor and of uttermost diligence.

Services and Guarantees at offers various paperwork at different academic levels for every customer and these customers can safely place their orders online with a guarantee that they would receive their work on time! That is because, the company’s SSL technology integrated in their website ensures an ultimate protection for each of the client’s private information. provides theses, scholarship essays, admission essays, essays, coursework, dissertations, case studies and other more! Rest assured, this company only delivers the best output there is!

Aussie Essay Pricing Review

First of all, there are 3 types of quality level, namely, standard, premium and platinum, in which platinum has the best value. And there’s the deadline, which for simple projects comprises of a deadline range due in 10 days to due in 3 hours and for the complex ones (dissertations, theses and etc.) it would be have a deadline range of 2 months to the fastest urgency of 48 hours! Combine the two criteria then you would have a price range of A$24.99 to A$63.99 for your transactions and more.

Aussie Essay Promo Code And Discounts provides two types of discounts of which the first one is a 20% for the first time that you order at the website and the second one is a membership program wherein you would get a discount of 5-15% which would entirely depend on the total number of pages you’ve ordered all in all!

Aussie Essay Review: Quality of Services

AussiEssay only hires the best writers which are thoroughly sorted out to ensure that only professional writers get hired. These writers are the ones who have their MAs and PhDs! Which would guarantee you papers that are really worth the cost! By selecting, you would expect that your essays are unique and 100% error-free every single time you place your orders because writers here never stops until it really is perfect.

Customer Service

Customer Service is very important. Gladly this company’s customer service is exquisite! Aussie Essay provides customers with a 24/7 customer service that gladly communicates with via e-mails, live online chatting, and phone calls making it really accessible for the customers!

Conclusion For Aussie Essay Review

Summarizing all Aussie Essay reviews, we believe that provides professional-quality outputs while having a sense of affordability and an overall accessible customer service which would make you comfortable every step of the way. You can expect good quality in the end.

assignmenthelps review Review is a writing service company from Australia which delivers high quality products that has been backed up with experienced professional writers. High quality papers are available from the company because of the fact that they have professional writers and they do their extensive research on the topics every single time!

Online Reputation of

The website has a very user-friendly design and we really liked it. Customers can have a preview of some of the websites samples and overall, the design is quite attractive and pleasing to the eye.

Services and Guarantees

The company offers to do a wide variety of services which is a plus for this company. These are: Essay writing, report writing, research work, Business plans, PowerPoint presentations, Case-study assessment, Term papers and summaries and theses.

Moreover, the company also does subjects from all educational fields, which would including anthropology, architecture, business, media, medicine and nursing, music, law, religion, sociology and theater.

Prices and Discounts

But then again, their prices are a bit of a shady act. They would tell you to submit your order first before giving you a “discounted” price! Well, you really can’t tell that it’s discounted if you don’t know the original price and that would mean that the “discounted” price would most likely be just an ordinary one. But then again, claims that it offers customers a 10% discount on every purchase. So in the case that they really do offer such a thing then let’s just be thankful for that discount.

Quality of Services

On the other hand, the quality of service they provide is decent, you could say that the prices are reasonable when compared to different companies and the finished products also have a good quality. Nevertheless, this company assures that the output they would give you would be of high quality and this company guarantees that their writers would do their best to give you the output worth of a high grade! You can expect that their finished products would be of good quality because of the fact that their writers are professional writers that have attained experience in various fields with a degree to back it up!

Customer Service

Their customer service is satisfactory, their customer service team attends to its clients 24/7. You can be sure that there is always someone online that could answer your questions about your order. You could opt to contact the customer service team via email, live chatting and phone calls too. The company has a strict policy on politeness and quick responses that’s why their customer service really is a plus factor for them because not only does their company provide worthy outputs, they also provide ample amount of support to every customer making every customer feel comfortable in some way somehow!


Ultimately, this company is a decent company that delivers its products with utmost integrity and professionalism. They have experienced writers that completely provides customers with outputs worth bragging. They also have experienced and professional customer service representatives which would really make the difference in every aspect of your transaction with the company. You could assure that you always have contact with the writer and that the finished product you would be receiving would be the one that you deserve! Well, if the prices were only clear from the beginning then this company would have been one of the best but then again, go ahead and try this one, you won’t regret it!

assignment provider review Review is a new emerging writing service company in Australia. This company made sure that their website would be appealing to attract new customers. The company also has decent prices and discounts, but then again if you want top quality products, then is not the most reliable choice on the market because you can expect delivery delays and however revisions in the finished product would remain free throughout your business deal.

But then again there are some times that customers would receive great quality products for the first time they order, but other people still face problems with their output, but then the company still tries to reclaim back the bad reputation by giving them free unlimited revisions until they get the content perfectly revised. Just take a look at the samples at the website and you would see that this company has hired great writers in its team, all you need is patience but still they do deliver outstanding results.

Online Reputation of AssignmentProvider-AUS has pretty decent website that attracts customers with its user friendly design. Its design is pleasing however you could say that it’s pretty plain. Nevertheless the company offers a preview of their work which is a good thing for customers.

Services and Guarantees at

The types of academic work you can order at ONLY include: essays, PowerPoint presentations, assignments, research papers, reports, financial analysis, dissertations and editing assistance all at affordable prices.

Prices and Discounts

As usual the prices are based on several criteria namely the quality level, type of essay and number of pages, and luckily there is an instant calculator that would let you calculate the cost of your paper. The quality level of the output they have includes High School, College, Bachelor, Graduate, Master’s and Doctorate levels. The lowest price would be A$ 9.95 for high-school papers with a deadline of 14 days. As of an essay with a quality level of Doctorate level that has a deadline of 24 hours (which is the fastest they can finish your paper), the cost would be A$ 37.95 per page.

Well, the company doesn’t really give any discounts but on the brighter side, they do offer free features such as free referencing and unlimited free revisions.

Quality of Services

Sadly enough, this company is one of those that prove the cliché “cheap price means cheap quality” (which isn’t true for all) If you order a product that’s quite cheap then ready to expect a lot of revisions BUT if you do choose the best and most expensive services they have, then you would be assured that you would receive one of the best quality products in your entire life.

Customer Service

The 24/7 customer support centre includes four convenient contact options: live chat, e-mail, fax, and phone call. However the customer service takes quite some time before you can start a conversation with a representative.


But still, this company still offers you good quality products and you could count on the professional writers working for the company that they would be able to deliver what they guarantee. The downside of this company is the slow customer service but beyond that criteria, this company is a pretty decent one and you sure could try it.

myassignmenthelp review Review

Australia based companies are quite a few and is one of those companies who offer various types of services that could help aid students. My Assignment Help has tutors that have years of experience in helping students with their assignments and tutoring them as well. Most of assignment help tutors already have masters or PhD degrees in their respective field. They also have years of experience in assignment writing, thesis writing and dissertation help and essay writing. So pretty much, this company is really a well-rounded off company!

Online Reputation of My Assignment Help

Well, this company’s website has an average design, the site is pretty easy to navigate however not all links are fully operational which pretty disappointing. The site still needs more improvement to give customers a better experience while wandering around the site.

Services and Guarantees at offers to do various types of assignments, in which are categorized as assignment help, essay help and dissertation writing service. The company specializes in doing different kinds of writing in various subjects. They offer to do assignments on subjects such as, accounting, economics, statistics, history, math, psychology, science HR and various Engineering subjects.

Prices and Discounts

Well, the company does not state detailed information about how much a specific service cost. However, under the ‘Order Form’ tab, a form is to be filled out wherein customers would provide details to sign up and other info that relates to the assignment. The details then would include his/her email, the educational level, the type of paper, the subject, the deadline and etc. This form includes an upload link that would enable customers to upload the necessary files for guidance if there is any. And finally, this is the form basis of the company on how much would a specific project would cost.

There is nothing on the site that says anything about any promo or getting discount coupons and codes. Yet, any concern on getting a discount can be asked to the representative.

Quality of Services

This company boasts that all orders made would have unmatched quality while having low cost rates, while being free of any plagiarism and still have an on time delivery. The company always ensures that everything ordered would be of top quality and will pass the plagiarism checker. Likewise, the company lets customers have a preview of free samples so that customers can check quality level of their output.

Customer Service

Feel free to get in touch with the customer service crew via the contacts page wherein customers must fill out a form. They offer phone calls, e-mailing and live chatting. Moreover, the live chat support assistance is available 24/7 thus clients can get answers whenever they need answers!


Well, all in all, this company is really superb. We like this company because of the quality it provides, the wide variety of services and basically the overall satisfaction a customer would get whenever he/she would order from So, to make it short, this company is something that you should try whenever you’d need help in your academic needs! Trust us, you won’t regret it!

bestessays review Review is a custom writing service company based in Australia that is dedicated to meet the needs and wants of Australian students. The company has the experience to back their reputation by their side and the company also knows how to give every customer the satisfaction they deserve! Overall, they provide great service with great prices, quality, and support.

Online Reputation of Best Essays has a modern and user friendly design! We believe that this is a bonus for people who think that is just another rip-off company that’s designed to take money in a fraudulent way , but just take a look at the website of and you could be sure that this company is a legitimate company which only wants to give you the best quality you deserve!

Services and Guarantees at offers you a variety of services ranging from different levels and areas of expertise! The company offers the following services: book reports, research papers, theses, assignments, coursework, homework, case studies, dissertations, essays, and term papers.
Also, the company doesn’t only offer those but they also offer articles and article critiques, speeches, math/economics/statistics/physics problems, scholarship essays, admission essays, reaction papers, research summaries, personal statements, multiple choice questions, movie reviews and several other academic content. Likewise, customers can rely that guarantees the best when it comes to generally, any formatting services such as proofreading editing, and whatnot. Customers can now be complacent that their paper would be in good hands!

Prices and Discounts

The currency they use are in Australian dollars and it begins from $19.99. You can order a higher quality essay as well but then you would need to spend $24.99 to get a platinum quality essay. Also, essays that have an urgency of a 3-hour deadline, will cost you from anywhere between $46.99 and $58.99 depending on the preferences that you select.

But then again offers a lot of discounts. They offer an introductory discount of 25% which is probably the highest one among all companies. They also provide lifetime discounts as well, which would make you save up to 15% by just ordering more pages in the future.

Quality of Services

The service they offer is really outstanding. We really like the way that this company’s products are written in Australian English with proper grammar! Which would mean that you shouldn’t be worried of getting a lousy paperwork from this company. All in all, their content is of high quality and you can be assured that what you are getting is what you deserve, the best and only the best without any grammar/spelling mistakes!

Customer Service is a highly reliable company that delivers everything that they say! They offer a 24/7 customer support system that customers could reach the representatives in various ways such as e-mails, online chatting, and phone calls. They even have their own twitter account! And they respond with clarity and with quickness!


We believe that is an essay writing service provider that is simply amazing, that is because of the affordability of such service! So go and use this! Review is popular among Australian students, which is logically strange because of fact that the website has a lot of grammatical errors. We think that the company should have invested more on the website has poor design and content. The company is popular because of the fact that most of their writers’ specialty is doing any type of homework. They are the ones on which you can trust for your homework and other simple outputs, but if you want them to do your dissertations or theses then try to reconsider other companies who are more expensive and of better quality.

Online Reputation of Australian Essay

Well, this company has a fairly designed website. It doesn’t have that wow factor for a website but it would still be on the average classification but it still is user friendly which is a plus factor for the company.

Services and Guarantees at

The company offers a wide range of selection of services. These are then classified into assignment services, essay services and subjective essays. Classified under the assignment services were assignment writing and nursing assignments. Classified under essay services were essays, research papers, term papers, and dissertations. Under the subjective essays where essays about accounting, business, economics, English, finance, management, marketing, law, psychology, statistics and more others.

Prices and Discounts

The price is based on the type of paper, number of pages, quality level and urgency. Moreover, there are only two types of quality level, standard and premium. Here are some examples of prices: essays with standard quality would cost around $12.99 per page with a deadline of 10 days, $16.99 per page for a 5 day deadline, $18.99 per page for a 3 day deadline, $20.99 per page for 48 hour deadline and finally, $24.98 per page for 24 hour deadline. Meanwhile just add 2$ to every set of prices and that would be the price for premium quality.

Then again, the only discount they offer is a 15% discount on all orders which is quite unfortunate because no other discounts are revealed in their website.

Quality of Services

The quality of service they provide is mediocre, the prices are reasonable and the finished outputs are of good quality. Then again, pay for the more expensive choice and you could be assured that the output they would give you would be of high quality because the more you pay, the better they would work on your order.

Customer Service

Meanwhile, has an effective customer service. The company could be reached via phone, email or live chat! You can also use the form on the Contacts page to raise your issues with customer support, but nevertheless you could always tell them your queries during your live chat and they will happily assist you no matter what your topic may be.


In general, would really be of great help while being affordable for everyone! This company also looks like it is the jack of all trades but please do mind that the quality they offer is highly subjective. Meaning that most of the time, the output they provide matters with the price of your order, that would mean that if your order has the most expensive preferences then you could be assured that the output that you would be receiving would be of high quality.

australianwritings review Review is a custom writing service company that is especially devoted to meet the needs and wants of Australian students. Each customer can check the sample finished products seen at the website before placing their order and thus each customer can verify that the company does delivers original academic products of excellent quality.

Online Reputation of AustralianWritings has a modern and user friendly design! We believe that this is a bonus for people who think that is just another scam related company. But just one look at the website of, you could be so certain that this really is a legitimate company that only provides you the exceptional quality you deserve!

Services and Guarantees at is motivated to supply academic related papers and assignments for students from different levels on any area of focus! The company offers the following services: case studies, dissertations, essays, book reports, assignments, coursework, research papers, theses, homework, and term papers.
Nevertheless, the company also provides scholarship essays, articles and article critiques, speeches, math/physics/statistics/economics problems, admission essays, reaction papers, multiple choice questions, research summaries, personal statements, movie reviews and several other academic content. Also, customers can be assured that only provides the best when it comes to proofreading editing, and generally, any formatting services. Customers can safely place their orders knowing the finished product would be reviewed by experts in the field!

AustralianWritings Prices and Discounts

You can clearly see the prices for different types of papers in three levels: Standard, Premium, and Platinum. You could also change the currency and set it to USD, EUR, AUD, and GBP. A typical essay would cost you around $14.28 and $42.14 per page, which would depend on the quality level and deadline which is comprised of a great range of options: 10 days to 3 hours.
The company also offers 20% on first orders, as well as other awesome and convenient discounts for loyal and returning customers!

Quality of Services at

Well, the paper that I ordered that was really a difficult one because it was a dissertation paper. Then again I was so impatient to see how the finished product would be because it was really an important piece of paper. So there, I decided that the writer and I should work together and luckily he was an intelligent native U.S. writer. He was there with me every step of the way and the paper we made was beyond my expectations.

Customer Service is a company that is true to what they promise. They offer a 24/7 customer support system that is highly effective since customers could contact them in various ways such as phone call, online chat, and e-mail. They never leave the clients hanging and they really are quick in responding!


We believe that is one of the best essay writing services out there because the final quality of the product was amazing, and the cost was affordable given all benefits I got. So basically in general, is really a reliable company that would deliver one of the best works in the market!

ozessay review Review is a writing service company that you can trust with your academic needs. This service provider that is based in Australia has been in the industry since 2005.

Online Reputation of

The company has an easy to browse website, the design also pleasing to the eyes. Well, this company wants everything to be easier for their clients that’s why they have an easy-to-use calculator on their website so that the clients can check how much would their order be.

Services and Guarantees

The company is focused on delivering articles, essays, dissertations, theses, assessments, case studies, coursework, literature reviews, reports, proposals, problem-solving, research papers, term papers, and resumes.

Ozessay Prices and Discounts

Customers can choose among six different quality levels: High School, A-Diploma, Undergraduate, Graduate, Specialized, and Postgraduate. The prices of simple essay assignments would start from A$ 13.43 for High-School level with the longest deadline of two weeks and the cost for a Postgraduate level essay with a deadline of 24 hours would be A$ 48.15.
The company has a cumulative discount policy which would start after you have spend A$ 100 at the website and then you would get a price reduction of 2%. Whereas a 15% discount would be given to you after you have spent at least A$1600 at the website!

Quality of Services

Every order made will always be original and unique. The company always makes sure that everything would be of high quality and would pass a plagiarism checker. Moreover, you could always expect that this company would deliver its guarantees because of the fact that their company is one of the most reliable companies out there!

Customer Service boasts a 24/7 customer service with live chat, phone calls, video calls and skyping. Additionally, the company also has Australian, United Kingdom, US, and international phone number which would really be of great help since customers could easily contact their hotline.

There are multiple means to contact them, all you need is to choose the one that is favourable for you! You could contact them at their Skype account which is ‘ozessay’, call them at tel:+1-845-2288552, and if you want to fax them, you may opt to fax them at +44-20-7117-1110.


Generally speaking, is an Australian custom-writing company that has been in the industry since 2005 which would mean that they have been in the industry for a whopping 11 years already, which would mean that this company would have the experience to back them up. Being in the industry for 11 years would mean that the company has a team of professional experts since they have been successful ever since. Thus if you are in need of some academic assistance, surely enough this company would serve you well. Finished products from the company boasts extreme cautiousness to ensure that there is no trace of any typographic error, nor would there be any of any kind of plagiarism in the final output. So there you have it, if you are in need of such academic assistance, feel free to opt for You won’t regret it, we promise you!